We make your factory lean - with hazardous materials management and other solutions!

Hazardous materials management, assemblies, product ranges

In the field of hazardous materials management, we also take care of your safety – and the environment: legally compliant usage, storage and disposal of chemical-technical products.

The REFILLO®mat is a system for the automatic re-filling of spray cans with active ingredients and compressed air. Safe and economical.

With personal protective equipment. Tailor-made. For each individual. But we also take care of the protection of your employees. With expert know-how. They advise you!

With CPS®ASSEMBLY, we produce pre-assembled assortment and pre-mounted assemblies both for the final assembly of your products on site and for optimised production control solutions.

With CPS®KIT, we put together your assembly sets, repair sets and tool sets for you to form an individual assortment. Tailored to the customer. According to your needs.

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